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Bank of America Student Credit Cards

Bank of America Student Credit Cards

If you are looking for a great student credit card with lots of choices then this card will best suit you. The Bank of America student cards offer 3 choices for students. They work extremely well if you would like to begin building your financial future while enjoying low interest rates and fee’s.

Three BOA Student Card Options

  1. Bank of America® Cash Rewards for Students

  2. Bank of America® Travel Rewards for Students

  3. BankAmericard® for Students

Bank of America Student Credit Card

For students who are at the verge of losing hope of meeting their financial needs may now feel at peace because of the Bank of America Student Credit Card. The Bank of America Student Credit Card actually provides different choices that also depend on a lot of factors that include the amount of money to be spent and the interest of paying off the balance from one month to another. Your choice will always determine the amount of money saved while at school.

Below are the three student credit cards that you should be knowledgeable the most:

  • The BankAmericard Cash Rewards for Students Visa

This mainly provides such an exclusive 100 dollar worth of cash rewards bonus for every new cardholder. This is also especially with one who earns at least 500 dollars in the purchases prior to the first ninety days.

You earn three percent and two percent prior to 1,500 dollars in the combined grocery and fast store purchases every quarter. Other purchases also earn one dollar cash back. You will also be able to earn a ten percent bonus upon redeeming the cash into your savings account or checking account. That is why if you redeemed 25 dollars in the cash rewards, you will then receive 27.50 dollar deposit right through your account.

  • The BankAmericard Travel Rewards for Students

This is mainly offering an exclusive 10,000 bonus points, particularly for a new card holder. This is especially with one who earns at least 500 dollars in all purchases within the first ninety days of opening an account.

Prior to these points, these are all worth a 100 dollar statement credit to the travel purchases. The purchases usually earn one point five point for each dollar spent and for ten percent bonus points. This is especially true if you have an active account. There will also be no limit with regard to the number of points you might earn. And then, the points do not usually expire.

  • BankAmericard for Students

This card is a lot better even if does not offer you with any rewards. Still, it has its zero percent introductory rates on all balance transfers and purchases for fifteen billing cycles. This is by far one of the lowest possible interest rates of credit cards to find on the market. This is also even for those who were already qualified for an APR.

Prior to the so-called cash advance APR, it actually falls between thirteen point ninety-nine percent and twenty-three point ninety-nine percent. This will still depend on the credit worthiness of your card. A three percent transaction fee actually applies to the transactions handled and managed in a foreign currency.

Prior to the application of the student credit card, it is essential for you to get assisted by your parent. You will also be assured that the credit card is always a safer and better bet for you to ever consider among other student credit cards out there!

Now, you already have learned more about the Bank of America Student Credit Card!

Student Card Detail Offers

  • 0% for 12 billing cycle
    13.99% – 23.99 variable
    No annual fee
    3% Balance Transfer Fee
  • 1% cash back everywhere, every time, 2% at grocery stores and wholesale clubs and 3% on gas
  • Won the Money Magazine Award for “Best Student Card for Cash Back”
  • Build up your credit history and  improve your credit score
  • Get a 10% customer bonus every time you redeem into a Bank of America® checking or savings account.

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Bank of America Student Credit Cards