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Capital One Student Credit Cards

Capital One Student Credit Card

With the Capital One student card not only do you get the benefits of a student credit card but you will also get the benefits of a traditional platinum card. This student card might be the best card you may use after college. Star building your credit early in life and enjoy these benefits.

Journey Platinum Benefits

  • 24-hour travel assistance services
  • Emergency card replacement if your card is stolen or lost
  • Warranty protection at no charge on items that are purchased with your credit card –
  • Auto rental insurance

Apply Now

Earn rewards today. Build credit history for tomorrow with responsible use.

Always be responsible when using a credit card.  Its always good to keep up to date with payments and never pay just the minimum due on your credit card.

Purchase Rate

26.99% variable APR

No Annual Fee

Great card lots of benefits and easy to use. Recommend for everyone.

The Journey Student Rewards from Capital One is an unsecured rewards card that caters to people with average, limited or fair credit. It can be used by anyone, not just students. You get enhanced rewards when you pay on time.  

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